Should I use social media to promote my business?

Social media has had a huge impact on how we communicate. However, there seems to be opposing views on the implications of a social media profile for organisations. Many companies are concerned about the risks to their personal and business reputations.
Social media is a highly cost-effective and powerful way to promote your business when managed appropriately, but there needs to be clear rules on posting articles and comments as one wrong tweet, post or comment can have huge implications for your business and cause irrevocable damage to your reputation and irreversible financial loss. You also have to be careful when posting in a personal capacity, as many potential clients may be digging into your social media profiles.
If you do decide to engage with your target market on social media, here are a few things to keep in mind:
It takes time and effort to manage a social media profile. It’s worth considering a social media strategist to help you built, manage and maintain your profile.
Social media is instant and clients expect immediate responses to their comments or questions. It is important to engage with your clients often and respond to comments quickly..
You have to follow proper social media etiquette to capture your audience’s attention. When somebody posts negative comments on your business profile, responding to this with an apology, showing that you care about your client’s experience and direct message the client (not on the profile) to resolve it.
Never let a client’s comment linger. No response speaks volumes and can have profound reputational damage (there are many cases where this has happened and people view it as a lack of care or interest).
NEVER delete a post. This is equally bad if not worse than not responding.
No matter how difficult the query is, seek professional help and ensure that the author of the post is contacted and comfortable with your response to the query. It’s important to be familiar with all the social media platforms available.